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Slow Food is an international movement devoted to sustaining the environment, promoting cultural diversity, and preserving "endangered" local cuisines. 


There are a number of topics that we care about and promote through our Slow Themes.  At the heart of these is always our goal of preserving culture, heritage, sustainability and biodiversity. 


South Africa is a diverse country with a rich history and traditional cultures. Our objectives for preserving this vital knowledge system is crucial not only for the benefit of future generations but for the safeguarding our planet.  

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Slow Wine

The Slow Wine Coalition was born in July 2021. It is a global collaboration  that unites all those active in the wine industry in order to bring about a revolution in wine driven by environmental sustainability, protection of the landscape and rural social and cultural growth.

The local chapter of the Slow Wine Coalition is gaining momentum with sign-up events in planning for 2022.

Slow Food wants to use this manifesto as inspiration to bring together actors from all along the wine production and distribution chain, united by an awareness that the role of wine can no longer be purely hedonistic, linked to the pleasure of taste, but must increasingly move towards a genuine environmental sustainability, protecting the landscape and enabling the cultural and social growth of winemaking areas.


Slow Cheese

Thanks to the collaboration of its network in South Africa, Slow Food has identified a small number of producers who process only raw milk (from their own animals or local farms); use animal-welfare-friendly farming practices; limit themselves to a small-scale production that protects the local environment, culture and traditions; and, most importantly, make cheeses of the highest quality.
The Presidium was started to support these cheesemakers who are cur- rently laying the foundations for what could become the South African tradition of artisanal cheeses. The project will also help inform national consumers about the benefits of cheese made from unpasteurized milk and international consumers about the existence and importance of South African artisanal cheesemaking.


Slow Coffee

Few people know that South Africa has an indigenous coffee bean (Racemosa) in production in the KZN area.

The Slow Coffee Coalition is on a quest to bring more coffee communities together and create a good, clean and fair coffee supply chain, from producers to consumers, as well as protecting and promoting the full biodiversity of coffee.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an open and collaborative network uniting all the participants involved in the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers.

Our common goal is to work towards Good, Clean and Fair coffee for all by creating an ethically and socially responsible value chain.


Slow Beer

Beer is a popular social drink in South Africa. Many Micro Breweries are popping up around the country and traditional beers such as Umqombothi has been around for centuries.

To preserve the heritage and craft of making artisanal beers and promote the principals of Slow Food through the network of craft breweries in South Africa we are encouraging producers to join us and sign up to our manifesto.

The aim of Slow Beer is collaborative and inclusive. If you want to join the movement please follow the link below.

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