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The Slow Food Youth Network unites groups of young food enthusiasts, chefs, activists, students and food producers who participate in public debate about current issues and introduce young people to the world of gastronomy.

Through their unique events and activities, SFYN groups raise awareness about important food issues such as how to feed the world, food waste and sustainable food production, stimulating positive action.

We are the movement for the next generation of leaders who seek to live in a world where food is truly good, clean and fair for all.


Youth Network in South Africa

Our work covers a variety of topics, including issues like food waste, climate change, policy, and social injustice. We address each issue with concrete ideas to do better by each other and our Earth.

Whether it be in an educational setting, a festival, protest, or potluck, we find ways to learn from each other and to celebrate food that promotes dignified labor and sustainable production, and honor its cultural significance.


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As the Slow Food Youth Network, we link our generation (18-32) to the fun of food, with a commitment to the environment & community.

We invite you to join us in this fight, as we build future food leaders and create a food system based on justice and joy.


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